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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's amazing silent auction!

     Hold on to your hats! There is just 24 hrs. before our silent auction is loaded up! We are so excited and I hope I can get everything up in time for a 7:00 PM (EST) upload! I have had so much fun seeing all the pictures come in. We are so blessed for everyone's generosity and let me tell you ladies you are going to have some major fun "shopping"!  After the auction ends I will post a resource list of all of the vendor's that participated, donated items to my girls or cut me some major breaks the past 2 years! It is just a small part I can do to "Thank" them! I hope you all help to support them as well when you need a new dress for you little one, a gift for a dear friend, a photography session, a children's class, artwork or even something for yourself! 

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