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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The auction has ended! Thank You!

Okay I will post the winner's name under the picture of the item by this evening. Please give us three days to get all the invoices out. My little one needs some love and attention! If I have your e-mail you will get an invoice by Monday night and will have a few ways to pay. If I do not have your e-mail and you think you have won then please e-mail me at with your e-mail address so I can send you an invoice. After you receive the invoice you have 48 hrs. to pay. Please don't  pay until you receive the invoice or have talked with me about it! We just have a system in place that works very efficiently!

Thank you all so much! That was fast and fun! Our totals look very good so far!!! We feel very blessed and are floored by your generous hearts! Overwhelmed actually! It looks like Talia will be coming home in a few weeks! I know you are all anxiously awaiting to see the final numbers but we will not be posting until all items have been paid and Paypal has taken its cut! We also have to wait for the money to get dispersed from Lifesong.
Should we go over the estimated amount we need to pay for our final adoption fees and in China expenses the donations will be divided in the following ways:
  • Todd & Talia's plane tickets as they are sky high now
  • Medical supplies for Talia's orphanage-they need medicines, clothes, vitamins, blankets, etc. We will buy them here and Todd will deliver them to the orphanage in China
  • Post Placement reports -China requires five years of post placement reports.
  • An account for Talia's medical care. We know we were knee deep with medical bills the first few months when Harper came home. Right now Talia has 4 big specialist appointments and an array of tests lined up for when she comes home. We also aren't sure if she will need surgery right away on her heart.
  • Donation to Grace & Hope foundation (Talia is sponsored by them) to  help sponsor a child that needs life saving surgery and a family to care for them.
  • Blessing other adoptive families that need the last funds to bring their children home.
All donations can still be done via Paypal on the right side of my blog where I get the funds immediately or you can do a tax deferred donation by clicking right above this post "Lifesong for Orphans". You can pay with a credit, debit or paypal account. A receipt should be e-mailed to you with in a few hours of paying.

Thank you everyone!!!!



  1. That was a great auction Mary Jane and Todd! Best of luck with the rest of your journey!
    ~Shannon M

  2. Mary Jane & Todd
    That was a lot of work on your part and a lot of fun and super buys for the winning biidders You had a varied amount of items, thus something for everyone.
    Excellent site, congrats. Talia would be proud of her Monny & Daddy.
    Love Mom & Dad