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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Item #97: Box of Surprise Hair Bows by ZooNique Baby

    I love surprises and I love girls hair bows! So this is definitely my type of item! You are bidding on a box of fabulous hair bows! I can just see a little girl opening up this box or a "mama to be" and squealing with delight!

    In addition to the hair bows,  ZooNique Baby,  has donated a butterfly ribbon hanger to display all your new girly bows!

Unique, Family Focused, Earth Friendly Designs-crafted cloth diapers, baby care accessories, clothing, hair accessories and more!

We are certainly a ZooNique family. With 5 children in the home, there is non-stop excitement (ZOO), and the rainbow of personality means non-stop entertainment too (UNIQUE)! We are Family Focused both in our home and with our business, and while we take our commitment to our customers very seriously, our family is always our first priority. We are outdoor loving, animal cuddling, adventure hunting and do all with a contagious enthusiasm....just ask our friends! We believe everyone has a chance to make a difference in someone else’s life and we demonstrate that by giving back in the ways we feel most led. We challenge you to do the same!

Retail value: $60 and up
$10 Minimum Starting Bid


  1. $10 Yaminah Aiken

  2. $15

  3. $20.00 Annette Turner Koppenhaver

  4. $30

  5. 33

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  7. This is packaged and ready to ship to winner as soon as payment notification is received. :)