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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Item #88: I Love Sweet Treats Activity Book

A signed copy of artist Stephanie Corfee's latest book!

I Love Sweet Treats! Activity Book is packed full of fun that will keep young sweet treat lovers entertained for hours. An introduction to sweet treats around the world starts the adventure, followed by step-by-step drawing projects that include a gumball machine,an ice cream sundae, and other tasty subjects. Other imaginative sweet-treat activities include word finders, puzzles, and mouth-watering recipes. Imaginations run wild thanks to a sweet-treats diary and sketchbook, while a cut-out doorhanger, bookmarks, postcards, and more than 100 stickers in this dessert-inspired activity book will make a sweet treat authority out of anybody.

Stephanie also has #57 in this auction: "Born in My Heart" Painting! Go check it out! Her paintings are beautiful and each one is "one of a kind"!

"Stephanie Corfee is a painter/illustrator with a love of color and whimsy. She creates for the young and the young at heart."