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Friday, May 18, 2012

Item #64: Yellow boutique bow and headband

Nice and bright for summer!

This is a yellow boutique hair bow with pink and turquoise flower patterns. It is finished with a large pink gem center. You can pick a  yellow, dark pink or turquoise crochet head band to match!

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  1. Julie Boyd is the winner with a $10.00 bid! Boy you knocked it out with all the hairbow wins!

  2. Yay!! Super excited!!! Ruthie Grace will love them!!! Can't wait to get her home as well!!! Congrats to you guys!!

    1. Thank you..invoice sent. Love all the headbands you got!

  3. Hello, Mary Jane! It is Mandy from SallyAnnaSunshine :) I don't know the address to send this hair bow to for Julie. Could you send me her address to my ETSY email...and I will get is sent out. Thanks