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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Item #34: Truth, Courage & Love Asian character Hairbows

Yogi & Cecil's have donated 6 awesome items with some Asian flair. You will see them listed as items-#34-39. For those that aren't in the adoption world ladybugs are considered very lucky for us adoptive parents! There are many tales of ladybugs landing on the adoptive parent right before a referral or proceeding one of the big adoption approvals!

This post is to bid on this 3 bows:  "Truth, "Courage," and "Love" Bow Trio - partially lined clips.

Minimum Starting Bid: $7.50
S & H: $2.50
Yogi & Cecil's was established in May of 2010. I make and sell high quality hairbows, necklaces and bookmarks on Facebook, and with the many vendors I have met while in business, I now am in a position to hold fundraiser auctions for adoptive families by collection donations from these vendors  You can find me at