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Friday, May 18, 2012

Item #62: Four bars of "Orpah" endorsed Goat Soap

They were rated as the best goat soap by "Oprah"! These soaps are all natural, super creamy, large (5.5 oz) and long lasting! The soaps come in a 4 x 6 environmental friendly cotton bag. Goat Milk Stuff cures the bars of soap for a minimum of 6 weeks and no two bars are alike!

This auction item includes the following four bars of soap:
Black Raspberry-a top seller and smells like picked berries!
Honeysuckle-Just like your backyard garden
Luv Spell-smells like a tropical flower perfume
Clean Cotton-perfect to keep in your drawers or laundry room before you use it...smells so fresh and clean

*Since this is a fundraiser by Goat Milk Stuff I need a minimum starting bid of $14.00 plus $5.50 to ship (they are very heavy!)!