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Sunday, May 20, 2012

#93: Fabric Beaded Bracelet-Pink, Green & White

Beautiful made to order fabric bracelets! Your choice of size from toddler to adult.

The fun bracelets are from the "Orphaned No More" bracelet campaign. Even though her daughter is now home my friend, Elisabeth, continues to makes the bracelets to help other fundraising families. Made from wooden beads and then hand stitched with fabric. 

You can find the other available colors here: #91 & #92

Children's Sizes: Just specify age
Women's Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large and XL

This post is for a pink, white, green and black fabric bracelet. I love these bright colors! She calls it the "Elvis" fabric! I think it looks right out of a Lily Pulitzer catalog!

Minimum Starting Bid: $4
S& H: $3.00


  1. I love these bracelets. I already have 3. I'll bid $5 on this one.

  2. $9 Annette Turner Koppenhaver

  3. 10.