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Friday, May 11, 2012

Final Approval/Final decision/Final Big Fundraiser?

    Well the time has come for some final decisions!  Since we have received Talia's file we have prayed to God for Him to make it crystal clear on who should travel to China. Well He made it crystal clear and it may not be the answer that I wanted to hear but He surely answered! Remember we pray for God's will to be done not for Him to make all our dreams come true...if that is what you are doing get yourself a fairy! 

      So first it was just a financial issue we had a set amount being used towards the adoption, we fundraised like crazy (thank you everyone!), we applied for grants and I lost countless weekends to them and we knew that most likely we would just have enough to get Todd to China and back from China with Talia.  So we are about  $4500 of making this happen.  The travel and airfare in the summer to China is just out of hand. However we do not want Talia to wait a single moment longer as an orphan then she has to be.  Moreover,  with the current blood shortage in China we really don't want to put her life in jeopardy anymore should she need a blood transfusion.  Our final approval, the big final approval, is called the TA (Travel Approval). This is the green light from China to say yes you can come here and pick up your daughter!  You can finally hold her in your arms and love on her! So as we wait for our TA we will be having one more fundraiser (well I say one more it may be two more) but boy would we like to knock this out of the park!  We are hosting a silent auction on our blog starting this Wednesday!  We are just blown away by the items we have and know you will be too!  Should you want to donate a new item or service we are still taking donations and your company information will be on our blog! If you want more details just e-mail me at

     Well the 2nd big "no" you are not going to China from God was Harper's health. We always knew I would not go to China without my Harper bug.  The girl throws a screaming and crying tantrum when I leave her for 5 mins. with Todd as I run upstairs to get my laptop!  She loves her mommy and her daddy but she is just use to being with her mommy all the time. As young as she is I just can not leave her.  So the deal always was if Harper can't go mommy is not going.  The first big blow was the surprise amount of dental work Harper needed and the cost of that dental work.  All our reserve went out the window and I also surely was not taking her to China and risk her getting a dental infection in another country.  The next blow was the cardiologist telling me Harper's pulmonary stenosis has worsened and he was not giving her clearance to fly on a plane.  Sure we could hook her up to oxygen on the plane but we don't want to put her through that! I mean really on 8 different flights and in way!  So it was from that point on God made it very clear that Todd should just travel.  I am totally fine with it well not really fine but "okay". Of course I want to be there and see Talia's face for the first time as she trepidatiously walks to us.  I know she will be scared and petrified of us and confused. I remember how much Harper grieved and she only wanted me. We do plan on doing lots of skyping so that she knows she has a mommy too!  Todd has been through this before so he knows the drill but it is sad not to be returning to my daughters birth country. I am quite jealous that he gets to experience all those wonderful emotions again but I have experienced all those wonderful emotions this past year with fundraising and the outreach of the adoption community, acquaintances, dear friends, even strangers I would "meet" every single day! I seriously have been on  Cloud 9 this whole year! I am overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received and the kind notes and e-mails and just pure love for my girls!  Your generous hearts and donations just were beyond my comprehension level. I knew God asked us to leap when we took Talia's file and I knew He would provide I just didn't know what it would look like! Thank you! 

     This week I am asking God to start preparing Talia's heart and mind for her new family that is so close to coming to her. I pray for Todd's sanity as he starts to prepare for his journey to Talia and we pray in thanksgiving for the generosity of the vendors that have donated their time and resources to make Talia's silent auction absolutely amazing! 

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