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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Todd's Last Day in China via Pics

We spent the day packing, walking around the hotel's beautiful gardens and did some last minute shopping. I am so excited to be leaving China and can't wait to see Mary Jane & Harper at the airport. I am use to my little sidekick Talia and have enjoyed every moment here with her. She catches on quick and I know she will adjust great to her new life in America. Home sweet home can't come soon enough now!

Last breakfast with daddy in China

Walking through the gardens

She loves to reach her hand out to the fish

More statues to pose with!

No mountain is too high for this girl!

Me and my daddy

All Smiles!

I knew Mary Jane would enjoy this view!

What do you mean we have to leave this hotel?

One more shopping trip

Last day here in China!

A surprise gift for Mama!

Back to the Pearl Market

Bye Bye "China Sisters"

Time to get packing Daddy!

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  1. Love the posts, and thanks for blogging this wonderful, exciting, anxious time in your lives!!!
    (I have that mulan night gown for my future daughter ;) )
    Hope all is going fine back at the homestead :) Can't wait to hear more!!!