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Saturday, June 9, 2012

All Aboard-Destination:China

   As Todd leaves all I can think of is the short clip, "Depraved Indifference" by Eric Ludy. We played the video at our small Sunday group class. I will forewarn you the video is very powerful but I urge you to watch it. You need to put my mix pod playlist on pause below in order to here the words in the video. Turn your volume up!

      The man in the video running to his Hudson draws a parallel to Todd traveling to bring home his Talia Mei. Nothing matters but getting to his child. His cause is his child. He is one courageous man yet the most humble and relaxed person you will ever meet! He actually called me today thanking me and I said, "Don't thank me you are the one that is going halfway around the world"! How blessed I am to have a husband that is willing to leap out in faith and take the difficult, less traveled road. I have officially passed this adoption journey torch to Todd. His trip involves seven flights-2 of which are 17 hrs., 14 days in China, 3 different hotels, and a 23 lb. frightened little girl strapped to his body while he does paperwork and visits the Guangxi and Guangdong provinces of China.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Here is Todd's itinerary for those following along:

June 8th: Friday
Leaves Charlotte at 9:25 AM-JFK
JFK-Hong Kong-flight leaves at 2:55 pm

June 9th: Saturday
Todd lands in China 6:55 pm-China Time! 6:55 Am here!
Spends the night at Sky City Marriott in  Hong Kong

June 10th: Sunday
HK flight to Nanning, Guangxi. He arrives in Talia's province at 6:25 pm (China time)  6:25 Am here! His guide, David will meet him and take him to the Wharton International hotel.

June 11th: Monday -Talia's Forever Family Day
Change money. Meet Talia at the Guangxi Civil Affairs at 3:00pm.  (3:00 AM here) I think I will be up all night! Todd is going to try to call me during that time!                     
June 12th : Tuesday     
Complete adoption registration in Guangxi Civil Affairs. Finish notary process in Guangxi Notary Office. (9:00am to 12:30).Grocery shopping at Walmart

June 13th: Wednesday                                                                                    
Walk around the Nanhu Lake near the hotel. Relaxation day, no van service.
June 14th: Thursday                                                     
Visit Green Mountain and Guangxi Museum.

June 15th: Friday                                                               
Pick up Talia's passport and fly to Guangzhou at 6:00 pm (6:00 am our time) . Richard his guide will meet Todd at the airport and take him and Talia to the Garden Hotel.

June 16th : Saturday                                                                                 
Medical exam, TB test for Talia. Prepare consulate paperwork.

June 17th: Sunday                                                                               
Visit Guangxiao Temple or Six Banyan Temple,  then the old downtown of Guangzhou.
Meet other adoptive parents from our DTC Winter facebook group at Lucy's on Shamian Island-6:00 Pm
June 18th: Monday                                                                 
Check TB result. Visit Pearl Market.

June 19th:  Tuesday                                                          
Consulate appointment at 8:30am. Oath taking ceremony.

June 20th:Wednesday
Guide will pick up visa. Pool and packing day for Todd and Talia.

June 21th: Thursday
Fly to Hong Kong at 9:55am (China time)  -9:55 Pm Wed. night our time. Leave Hong Kong at 11:50 Am (china time) 11:00 Pm Wed. night our time.

-Arrive at O'Hare airport on Thursday, June 21st at 1:45 Pm. Leave for Charlotte airport at 4:45 pm. Arrive at Charlotte airport 7:40 PM.

The first time I get to hold Talia in my arms and hug and kiss my husband-8:00 PM EST on Thursday, June 21st!!!

I have waited a whole year to to kiss this sweet face! I am so grateful we received pictures throughout our journey. While we waited for our paperwork to be processed and the funds to be raised she went from this sweet baby girl....

to this darling, dainty 3 year old little girl!

     What an awesome God we serve, right? He put people in our path that would not only lead us to our 2nd adoption but also help rally around us to bring our daughter home. He then gave me crazy amounts of energy and creative ideas to bring in the funds necessary to do a back to back adoption. Finally, he opened my husband's heart and mind instantly when he viewedTalia's file.  Now He is providing for our family in ways we could never imagine. We started with nothing for this adoption! We heard God's nudge and said ,"Yes we will follow you"! We reached our $20,000 fundraising goal, we also came up with the other $15,000 needed for this adoption ourselves. We have been so blessed and God was there every step leading us to one opportunity after another. We enjoyed openly talking about our journey and hope that our happiness out pours to those around us.Talia did not have to wait one minute longer then she had to as an orphan and Todd is on his way to China right now!  How amazing is that?  The peace of the Holy Spirit has kept me calm throughout our journey and not once did I stress about the funds. I just trusted Him. Tonight, okay I will admit I am a little nervous as I stay wide awake typing and scanning the flight tracker! Everything it hitting me at once...we are finally going to bring home Talia!

    As for today's schedule at our house: Harper is in great spirits, tired after her 6:00 Am wake up call, but nevertheless, excited! She took a 4 hr. nap today!!! Todd and I stayed up late last night chatting about my must take picture list, itineraries, difference in time zones, skyping, what life will be like with two 3 year old's, etc. Basically all the things we should have talked about months ago! So by 1:30 am I think I fell asleep with him still talking in my ear! My mom has been a huge help this week playing with Harper and is now cleaning the house from top to bottom(She likes to keep busy so I won't complain!) ha! I have been texting and chatting with Todd between flights! Of course I am wishing I was with him! I can hardly believe the time has come to travel to her. It just feels so surreal! We had a teary eyed hugging session outside of the Charlotte airport this morning! I can not wait until I can wrap my arms around my husband again and my beautiful little girl! What a sight that will be to see them coming down the escalator.  It reminds me of when Harper came home! Todd is basically following the same exact path we had last time to China. When he called me today from JFK airport he said "I am sitting in the same exact seats we waited in last time and ate at the same table we did with Harper". Just check her out and that was 22 months ago!

     Thank you to all our prayer warriors...keep those prayers coming! A few pictures from our day. (On a side note I am borrowing my dad's camera this week while Todd is traveling with mine. I miss mine...ha! )

Our last picture as a family of three!

click on the play button...not the best quality but you can see my rays of sunshine in my little world!

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life.
But those who make their journey home across time & miles,
growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands.
~Kristi Larson


  1. Wow! Tears in my eyes:-) Checking in from the FB DTC Spring group!

  2. I am so excited for you! Wow! This must feel surreal! I bet you will be on pins and needles the entire time Todd is gone itching for time to speed by quickly. Time won't move fast enough I am sure. Praying that he and Talia Mei have safe travels!

  3. Thanks for allowing us to share your journey through your blog! We are just about to submit our finished dossier to our agency and hope you don't mind if we follow your progress. Hoping it won't be too long before we are at this point too :)