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Sunday, June 17, 2012

GZ Day #2: Medical Exam

We had a late night and early rise, but the breakfast was outstanding here in the hotel. There's a giant five story waterfall as the backdrop for the restaurant. Talia is proving to be quite independent -- just like her big sister Harper! She sat across the table from me and used a fork and knife like it was second nature. She picks things up so fast! She cut her eggs into bite size pieces and began to eat. She had a little trouble but improvised her way through it -- adapting as she went along. She definitely knows what she wants! If I offer something, she'll either give me a firm nod or shake her head (our guide David in Nanning told me she was taught not to eat foods that were unfamiliar to her). I've gotten her to eat a couple things outside her comfort zone, but not much.

We met our guide in the lobby and off we went to the medical exam. Today, they will perform a basic physical, and perform a test for signs of tuberculosis. She was such a trooper. Not one peep even during the needle test for TB. She just watched the nurse prick her and had a look on her face that said, "So, are you done?" I saw only two other families that were adopting there. I met one family who had adopted a teenage girl who about to phase out of the orphanage system. Thank goodness she now has a family. The couple was very nice and we exchanged pictures of our children back home. Talia was her usual self, charming the nurses and blowing kisses to the other adoption guides. Such a show off! When we got back to the car, Richard our guide, said the nurses and other Chinese families commented on Talia's outfit. It was a white tank top with a pageant sash sewn in that said "Little Miss Perfect"! In our eyes, she always will be! So Talia's stats were: height 33 inches and weight 23.1 pounds. She is an itty-bitty little thing. She's eating like a horse, so she'll fill out in no time. She definitely does not look like a three year old but neither does Harper! 

We hit the pizza place Richard raved about for lunch instead of dinner (I couldn't wait). For those who don't know me, a bit of a pizza fanatic. My wife thinks I have a problem! I can eat a full meal and then eat an entire pizza myself! Talia didn't want the pizza, so she had a yogurt smoothie and bread sticks and was happy as can be. She had a good time while Dad finally had some tastes of home. The pizza was excellent and I'm a tough pizza critic (being that I have over a dozen pizza joints on speed dial with most of them knowing me by name). It was similar to Bertucci's but better believe it or not. Who would of guessed in China you could actually get good pizza?

We got back to the room and took a nice long 2 hour nap. I'll miss these naps when I get home - or maybe I can bring the Talia's foster mom home with me to whip Harper into shape? Talia's discipline is almost militant. Her foster mom should write a book. After the nap, it was "Talia goes crazy, screaming and running around the room play time". We got into everything and before we knew it, it was dinner time. I didn't feel like leaving the hotel, so we did a quick jog around the lobby to check out the other restaurants, but decided room service was best so we could have our privacy (and I still had half a pizza in the fridge!) 

As I said earlier, Talia is eating very well. She's already gained 2 lbs. since our first day in Nanning. Her skin was rough and dehydrated when we got her too. After 5 straight days of Aveeno powdered oatmeal baths followed by Aveeno cream each night, her skin (once resembling sandpaper - no joking here) is now all smoothed out. I am sure she feels more comfortable as I know her skin was beyond  the annoying stage and starting to be painful for her. We are so elated to be bringing this little gift from the heavens home with us. She is nothing but a sweet heart! She has a gentle, peaceful spirit on the outside, but an inner fire that gives a presence when she's in the room. Definitely a special little girl (and yes, I'm biased)!

Already mastering the fork and knife!

Gardens outside of the breakfast room

Green Taxis lining up outside the hotel

She is ready to take on the medical exam!

Notice the wand! I guess she would use it if she didn't like what they did! 

She told me they were putting her to bed! 

She didn't flinch with any of the tests! 



Two of daddy's favorites-Talia and pizza

Outside games pass the time

Lobby of the Garden Hotel

Talia smiling for the camera and taking the title of "Little Miss Perfect"

beautiful arrangements throughout the hotel

She actually ate half of each plate!

Oh if you like that bag of bows wait until you see the boxes of bows Mommy has for you! 

Nighttime view of the outside from our room

She wears her headbands like a necklace! I am so happy she is ours!


  1. That garden photo is quite gorgeous!
    Talia is quite breathtaking :)
    Sounds like a good day all in all. I'm guessing the medical exam was probably more painful for daddy than for Talia.
    And Happy Father's Day!!!! (ok, even though now in China it's Monday ;) )

  2. Todd
    Happy Father's Day Looks like you are having a great time,


  3. Happy Dad's Day
    Anthony Jr. Anthony 111

  4. Yeah, you gotta tell us the name of the pizza place please! And I love your China on Father's Day with your newest princess

  5. Happy Father's Day Todd!! You have done one amazing job!!!! Talia is as precious as can

  6. Awe, she is the same weight Cori was at her visa medical appointment. Except Cori was an inch and half taller. That is so good that Talia is eating so well. She'll catch up in no time! Cori had a ton of eating issues (still does but definitely much better now) from muscular problems to sensory issues. We actually got to a point where we would draw straws to see who had to feed her breakfast because it was so torturous for all involved.

    Praise the Lord though that Talia is doing so well.

  7. mary jane- so very excited for you and your family! after seeing this post regarding talia mei's size at the medical appointment, i was wondering if you might share what size dresses you sent for her. she has the exact same measurements as our daughter for whom we will travel in 2 weeks! i am ordering some things from tea collection tonight... thanks!- pearl

  8. Todd
    Pizza, Pizza and Pizza, the world would be a better place if there was just Pizza. Knowing how you love Pizza, I am so happy that you found a Pizza to your liking, perhaps mmh, maybe?

  9. Todd...what a great Father's Day you must have had - Harper on skype, Talia AND pizza in China. When you get home life will be a blast with ALL your girls under one roof.

    Mary Jane....good luck with your dental work...look at it this way - it will be done and out of the way when Friday comes.

    thanks for sharing and keep the blogs coming

    Rita Pec.

  10. Oh, how these pictures make me miss China! We stayed at the Garden Hotel in December. Your sweet girl is just adorable and I'm glad that she is adjusting so well!

    Amy P.