Psalm: 90:09- We spend our years as a tale that is told


Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Heart Baby

Say a prayer for my doll baby! Many of you may remember we accepted her file without a heart echo and her referral information said she suffered from Myocardial damage due to a heart attack at age one. When we asked for more information the translation came back to us saying she had a mass or tumor in her heart. We know God has great plans for her and today we find out what is going on in that little heart of hers. It is either really good news or unsettling news. With the way this journey has been it would not surprise me one bit if her heart has miraculously healed itself.

On a side note-Pictures and video of our homecoming will be up soon!

Can you tell she likes the attention and loves to pose?!

She has captured our hearts! Such a little doll baby!


  1. These heart babies are survivors!! I am praying that God has healed sweet Talia's heart. I think that we live close - my daughter was just released from Levine after open heart surgery (Glenn) - had such a great experience there. Can't wait to hear your update!