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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hong Kong via Todd

Well, I made it to Hong Kong safe and sound. One of my bags (the smaller one) is still in NY, so it will arrive here tomorrow morning and they will bring it to my hotel. Thank goodness they knew it and are tracking it. There was a message at the baggage claim for me saying "Your bag is still in New York"! When Mary Jane watched me pack the other night she said, "Don't make a rookie mistake. Split the clothes up into two suitcases"! So glad I listened!

I had a few minutes to myself on the trip over (haha). And what a roller coaster ride with emotions! I can't wait to meet her -- Monday can't come soon enough! I kept myself busy with the TV/Movies on board and read through the adoption toddler bonding book (did that first actually!).

I've been up for 28 hours now and looking forward to get some sleep. I took the No Jet Leg pills every 2 hrs. so hopefully they work as well as last time!

Here are some pictures along the way...
JFK Airport
My set-up! A surprise mug for Mary Jane-she collects them!
This is going to be a long flight!

My plane to Hong Kong

Flight Views! Apparently my wife and Harper were matching the same thing all night!

Harper and MJ's computer view! 

Hello Hong Kong!

When it doubt just follow the crowds!


  1. So glad Todd made it sage to Hong Kong!!Praise The Lord!!! Cant wait to see the the moment Daddy & Daughter unite!!!!!



  2. Hey Mary Jane! This is soo awesome. I have learned a lot reading your blog. We are DTC and waiting for LOA. We are adopting two from China and are very excited. Reading about others' journeys make it seem so real. This is our first adoption. We have a few questions, could you email us? Our email address is Thanks and congrats!!