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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Packing, Pictures and Prayers!

    Well I never had a doubt it would all work out but it sure feels good to should out loud-"We are fully funded"! Praise the Lord! Todd leaves tomorrow (yes Friday, the 8th) It came up on us so quick! I will be doing a separate post about fundraising in the coming days which talks about all of the blessings bestowed upon our family the past year but just wanted to get a quick update out there for people that aren't on Facebook! Todd and I will both be blogging on here the next two weeks. It will be so much fun to have a "guest" blogger! ha!

    There is no doubt that Talia is meant to be our daughter and God sure was faithful. It will be quite the homecoming in Charlotte, NC in two weeks when I get to see my Talia girl for the first time. I can not wait to hold her in my arms and bring my 2nd daughter into our home. Harper is beyond excited to finally meet her sister. Thank you to my amazing husband for going on this trip alone! He is the best husband and father a woman could ask for!

    We have been packing, running errands, finishing our 12 page "To do" list and chasing our toddler around! It has been an action packed two weeks since our amazing silent auction ended! I am over overjoyed to report we brought in $5,000 from Talia Mei's silent auction! Incredible, right? It just totally blew my mind! Vendors are starting to be notified and I will finalize all of the shipping efforts once I have Todd on that plane to China! We just have been slammed with travel and securing his flights and setting his itinerary! Here are some pictures of our days the past few weeks!

Our auction finishing up!

My laptop as you might imagine is part of me now! One tired and excited mama!

This is how Harper stayed busy during our auction...ha!

She told me she is a big girl now and needs high heels!

Harper's first night of swimming!

She runs around the house screaming "T" for Talia and all she wants to write is the letter "T"!

Not so sure she wants to share her toys with her sister!

She said, "Daddy is really going to miss me"!

Harper threw herself on the floor when she saw Talia was getting a few new things! Thank you Nanny! She actually took the black and white dress and hid it in her room!!! LOL!
Just too much for her bear! ha!

Talia's clothes, bundled and labeled each with a hairbow! I made this easy for Todd!

She should be potty trained but China's version of potty trained is different from ours!
The reinforcements are in town and she was a very happy girl especially when they got her a princess house. She is one spoiled little girl when they are here:) Wait until Talia meets her YeYe and Nanny!

Our 12 page checklist!

Todd will greet Talia with her very own backpack filled with food, toys and a little giraffe from Harper

The only way to pack clothes on a trip!
Oh and we still have dance recital and rehearsals!
Last day of preschool!

Todd really loves noodles...hahaha!

Packing time!
Getting in some more daddy and me time!
The highly popular goat soaps made it to China!

Talia's snacks...last time the Gerber puffs were the only thing that calmed down Harper when she first came to us!

Our thank you notes for the notaries, orphanage nannies and foster mom
Talia's first dress! A wonderful and generous dress designer-Emaleigh's cupboard- made this dress for Talia free of charge. Thank you! We will treasure it always!

    Finally, I ask you to pray for the Lord to watch over Todd and Talia and that they both return home safely on Thursday night, June 21st. That all evil is cast away during their trip and that they only encounter people that are loving and compassionate to them in their journey. We pray that the Lord takes away all our anxieties and worries. Dear Lord please remind us that you are in charge and through you we can find our strength. Please provide Todd and Talia with all the support they need in China. We pray for Talia's heart and for her somehow to know the peace and love immediately that her forever family will provide for her. Please give Todd the right words and calming energy to comfort her. We pray for her foster family as they separate from Talia. Please dear God mend their broken hearts. We pray Talia comes to Todd healthy and that Todd stays healthy and strong and has super human strength and stamina that only you can provide for him. We thank you heavenly Father for entrusting us to care for our beautiful girls and we thank you for nudging us to say "Yes" to Talia's file! Thank you for all of the blessings surrounding this journey and the outpouring of love and generosity we have received this past year. We pray all of our blessings are multiplied so that we can provide for another orphan when you call us to again. We pray that our journey inspires many other families to consider caring for "The least of these".  It is in your son, Jesus name we pray. Amen.


  1. I will be praying for Todd and Talia. Also for you, as I can't imagine It will be hard to read bout Talia and not be with her. God Bless, Rose

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