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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pearl Market on the Pearl River

Today was more my schedule: wake up at 8:00am,  have breakfast at 9:00am, one appointment at 10:30am, buying pearls for my precious daughter  at 12:00pm, lunch at 1:30pm, swimming until 4:30pm, dinner at 6:00pm and pajamas the rest of the night.

We had to go back to the medical center which is an hour away to get her TB test checked. It was fine...whew! I have heard stories of families having to stay in China for months if the TB test was positive so I had a big sigh of relief to know she was fine and we can head back home on Thursday.

Next up was the pearl market! We decided since Talia's province was not known for anything (according to our guide) Talia's gift from China would be pearls she could pass down to her children.   The market is about 4 or 5 stories tall with a huge atrium where you can see all the store fronts selling their wares along the balconies. Talia looked up in amazement. We went to our guide's favorite place where he knows the merchants there. After examining a bolt of pearls strings, we found one we liked. The girls there quickly went to work hand making the necklace and bracelet to fit Talia (with room to grow until she's about 5 or 6 or maybe even older -- she's so tiny, she just may be a tiny peanut her whole life!) It's always amazing to watch them work. They build each piece pearl, by pearl, making a special knot then stringing another pearl until it's done. They do it so fast! They loved all over Talia, draping her with her new pearls. and kept calling her "gong zhu" (pronounced gong jhoo) meaning princess. Talia soaked it up of course!

We headed back to the hotel where we left our guide and darted down a couple alley ways to my favorite local pizza joint, Oggie's. Yes, I had it again...I couldn't help myself...and yes, I do have a pizza problem. Talia got a yummy pasta dish with pancetta and onions. I was a little nervous she wouldn't eat it because she's never seen it before, but I had plenty of backups just in case. I was relieved when she finished half the tub! That's more than Mary Jane would have eaten and this girl is only 33 inches tall and weighs 22 pounds! I think she'll have a few more pounds on her by the time we get back to the states. Harper -- you're going to be the little sister the rate Talia's eating!

Finally we had a chance to check out the pool. The hotel gets better each day -- there's always something new here. The pool is on the 4th floor and outside. The view overlooks the main entrance and the hustling city streets below with the shopping mall across the street. The towering hotel rooms surround you in the back with some other skyscrapers off to the side. The amenities are first class and you would you would think you're in New York city. Talia loved the water. I think it was stimulation overload for her because the pool was huge and she kept screaming in excitement! We had a blast jogging back and forth a few times and then made our way back to the room to get cleaned up and ready for dinner.

Pajamas were the order for the rest of the day while we relaxed and eventually ate leftovers from lunch and a few things from room service. I've been trying to give her greens each day. She inhales steamed broccoli and bok choy. I only wish Harper would do the same.

Tomorrow is our US Consulate appointment and oath taking ceremony. This appointment will put the cherry on top of the cake for our adoption of Talia Mei Youngerman! She'll receive a sealed brown envelope that can only be opened by an immigration officer in the US when she arrives in Chicago this Thursday. Once the envelope is opened, she's officially a US citizen! I can't wait to get home. I miss my family terribly and wish they were here to share this experience with little Talia!

I hear Harper is holding down the fort with Mommy and Nanny. I know the are busy preparing for Talia's arrival! I can not wait to reunite as a family of four! Talia was so excitable today and it just made me think about what her life would have been like if she were never adopted. Everything is new to her and to see her eyes light up with amazement just melts me. I love seeing the joy in her face and am so thankful she is ours!

"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  There are seven million."  ~Walt Streightiff

A whole new world! Her and Poppy are going to get along just fine

Oh la la! A bracelet too?!

Stunning, right? I can almost picture what she is going to look like when she is a teenager

Definitely a princess! 

I take it the peace sign means "thumbs up"! 

She mimics everything! Daughter and daddy bonding at its best

She was getting tired of me taking pictures and eventually turned around, put her hand on her hip and shot me this look! 

Ready for her first swim

See Mama! Wake up mommy we want to Skype

Talia swimming with her daddy for the first time! (Put my music player on pause to hear her giggle!)


  1. just 2 more days!!then mama and harper will be in 3-d instead of the computer screen!! just phenomenal!!

  2. Actually Guangxi is known for embroidery. The Zhuang people (Ethnic majority in Guangxi) do beautiful embroidery. Especially the love balls (see the cover picture on my fb page). I hope your husband got some love balls. And in Asia that is not the peace sign it is V for victory. =)

    1. Yes he did get the balls...whohoo! We heard that last time about the "peace sign" but in GZ today Todd said the jewelers were saying "peace"! ha!

  3. So adorable!!! She is an absolute beauty and some of your photos show an amazing little personality! Blessings to you as you finish up your trip!

  4. She is precious!!! I just love these photos :) What a doll!

    1. I knew you would!!! Some of my favorites!!! Definitely enlarging a few of these! Sophia Jane representing...ha!

  5. I can't get over what a true little beauty she is. You just see such life in her eyes. You are so blessed!


    1. I know truly a miracle she is doing so well and so accepting of us! My village of prayer warriors made it all happen!!! Thank you!

  6. What a sweet little giggle :) And the best picture is of her little hands on the hip, no more papa-razzi today please ;)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing. It has been a joy to read your blog. Your entire family is wonderful and very blessed. I'm waiting to go back for #4 and each time seems like the first. As always the wait is terrible!

  8. Very late catching up on your news. What a trip for you both and the bonding experience! The pictures are so sweet, she is beautiful and precious! I am so glad your time had many happy moments (unlike ours, our dau did not accept us for a long time, misery at it's best!). Congrats over and over!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy