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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Land of Talia-Via Todd

Nanning Bound!

I woke up to a car show outside my hotel in Hong Kong! I went down a took a few pictures of the exotic cars on display. Lamborghini, Ferrari, you name it, it was there. The grand finale was a smart car parked next to $200K plus cars! I can't say that I've seen the slowest car in the world next to the fastest car in the world!

I eventually checked out and then made my way next flight. After making my way through the massive Hong Kong airport, I finally checked in at the Hong Kong Express airline desk...and that was just the check-in! I then made my way through security and into another giant area of the airport with every shop you can imagine (from Tiffany's to new stands). I was early so my flight didn't have a gate assigned yet. I had to find a seat, but with so many people, it wasn't that easy.

I walked around a bit and after an hour, found a seat by the departure boards so I could keep an eye on my flight's gate number once assigned. After another 45 minutes, gate 522 popped up and I started going even deeper into the airport. I saw the tram we took on our first visit here two years ago and the multi-level cascading escalators -- this is by far the biggest airport I've ever seen.

We finally boarded the plane on the tarmac via bus -- it seems a lot of in-country flights are done this way. The planes are hot until they take off and hot when they land. The Nanning airport was just like the Nanchang airport from our previous visit. Same age, style, etc. My guide met me after I came through immigration. He looked familiar. I've seen him before somewhere. Just before boarding my long flight to Hong Kong, Mary Jane sent me a video of a family who adopted a 14 year-old girl, Eliana, who was about to phase out of the orphanage system. Luckily a family adopted her. I remember seeing the guide throughout the video helping the family with translating and he seemed like an energetic, fun and helpful. It was a great story and when I saw David, I said did you help Eliana and her family? Sure enough, he said Yes! It was neat to have a familiar face so far away from home. Even though I've never met David, I felt more comfortable since I've seen him a few times in that video (a big thank you to that family for putting that video together, otherwise, I wouldn't have known anything about David!)

(Here is the video-put the music player playlist on pause below to hear it!)

Nanning is busy! Just about 6.4 million in the city and this is considered on the small side in China! Lots of neon lights and elaborate signs, etc. Plenty of mopeds, cars and people. The hotel is perfect for children. There's a park, giant pool and attractions nearby. It's also very hot here (Nanning is only 3 hours from the Vietnam border and level with Cuba) so the weather is tropical. Some of the mountains are very different here. They pop up like a shark's tooth (or even like a fang) from the flat grounds around them.

After briefly talking with my family, I finally went to bed at 11:30pm -- I was more jet lagged than I thought. I felt it first on the plane ride and even more before bed. I've been getting up here pretty consistently at 6:30am so far. We'll see if that changes with Talia! I'm sure she'll keep me on my toes! I woke up the first morning here and my usual nervous feelings, and questions started dashing through my head. All the "What if..." questions and anxious feelings. Thank goodness I have Mary Jane and Harper! When I talk with her and Harper, everything relaxes, my nervousness seems to fade, and I get amped for meeting Talia! It's so different doing this alone. I don't have my trusty sidekick, my security, my foundation with me. But we look at this as a team effort. She has moved mountains for our family with this entire process. I can actually say now that I have truly witnessed a miracle through my wife and her efforts. It's a mighty big torch to take hold of and big shoes to fill for me! I am surely the luckiest man on earth to have her and my daughters. I wish she and Harper were here, but everything happens for a reason. It's my time to bring us over the finish line and home to the safety of our family.

The room is ready and now just a few more hours left to I finally have my baby girl in my arms. Can't wait! More to come....

Bustling Hong Kong airport

My plane to my girl!

The next time I board a plane my little Talia will be with me!

My first view of the Guangxi province

Hello Nanning

David, my guide in Guangxi
A busy Sunday night!

View from my hotel room

View during the day!


  1. Todd, keeping you and Talia in my prayers. Safe travels and God Bless!
    ~Shannon McKnight

  2. What a amazing family unit you have!!! Cant wait to see you Todd with Talia!!!

    God Bless,


  3. I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see the pics of little Talia!

  4. This is so excited!!! I can't wait to see the pictures of you and Talia!!

  5. I can't wait to wake up here in the USA tomorrow morning and see pictures of Talia in Todd's arms and read what Both of you write.


  6. A RQ reader here! Can't wait to see the next update. Hoping things are going well for your first day together!

    I think any parent who goes it alone is courageous. I hope you were able to video teleconference with your family back home.

    Blessings! Hopingfor08 (RQ)