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Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Half Way"

We're half way home! After a quick stop at the Majestic in old Nanning while I waited for Talia's passport, we were on our way to the airport Guangzhou (GZ) bound. Before we left, we had a quick bite to eat in the Magestic's western restaurant. Talia wanted to eat the whole meal by herself in her own high chair (I think she was being nice and letting me do the attachment thing -- you know, child on your lap, feeding each bite, making eye contact. But now I think she's saying, "Okay, Dad, I think I got if from here!") We left at 4:00pm with an hour ride to the airport and a 5:55pm flight! My guide David had to really push the passport people to get Talia's passport finished before 4pm as they only guaranteed it by 4pm which usually means 4:15 - 4:30 from what I was told. David was awesome and I highly recommend him if you happen to be in the neighborhood and need a guide :) He delivers what he promises and knows a lot of people in Nanning.

A quick wardrobe change in the bathroom to get some warmer clothes for the plane and off we went. Talia seemed a bit nervous with the airport: very busy, people cutting in front of you as if you were never there and lots of noise. She didn't feel comfortable again until David, our guide, left.

Our gate changed and luckily it was the gate already printed on the ticket, so we got there just in time. Any earlier and we could have missed the announcement as it was barely audible. Talia made friends with two teenage girls behind us on the plane -- no surprise there. She started by peeking at them through the seats. Then they started reciprocating by putting their fingers through the seat as she swiped at them! She is very inquisitive and likes to show off (as I'm learning each day). Yesterday she did Chinese dance choreography with a chop stick in each hand for all the waiters and waitresses in the Chinese restaurant. All Talia needs is someone to laugh at her and it goes on and on and on...hmm...sounds like another little girl I know - eh em, Harper! It was hilarious to watch her personality come to light for me!

We all landed in GZ safely. Richard our guide is super amazing. He got us up to our room and then went out by himself and brought back dinner. Super huge kudos on the first night. Talia and I munched together at the the eating table in our room. She talks a lot more Chinese than I thought. I pop in a few words here and there. I basically fake my conversations with her with a traditional nod and cool face. She nods back and I think it works fine for now - ha! (it's only day 5).

She really likes this place (and so does dad -- nice work Mary Jane on the room!) The Garden is making the second leg of this trip a lot easier. If it were anything like the Wharton, I would be on the next plane home :) Talia has a lot more space to run around and we played our usual chase each other and scare each other routine (I need to exercise more). Then I found a new toy in Mary Jane's bag of tricks: a Cinderella wand. But to her, she seems to use it as a karate weapon. So we started acting out Kung Fu theatre right in the living room! I know, that sounds stereotypical, but she was showing some pretty good moves, so I had to defend myself -- I mean, she was coming at me with a Cinderella wand! We had a blast and we both ended up on the floor out of breathe laughing. It was a great bonding moment for us.

Through all the eating and fun, I managed to get the suitcases unpacked and the room organized for the next day. Off to the medical exam and sight seeing. Rumor has it there is a pizza place that Americans say is better than some of the pizza joints in the states. I know what dinner is tomorrow.

Where are we going daddy?

Little Girl, Big Dreams

Talia's first view inside an airplane

Absolutely gorgeous hotel

She ran right to her new crib and in Chinese said, "Daddy Look!" She was so excited to see a basket just for her!

I could get use to this place!

Happy baby girl!

I think she is starting to get over her dislike of pandas!


  1. She is too precious and that is an awesome room!!!!

  2. Todd
    Really!!!!! what a room. Talia looks marvelous.
    ye ye

  3. Glad you are enjoying your room, the hotel looks very beautiful!
    Those Cinderella wands can be dangerous ;)
    So happy the bonding is going so well.
    And once again, what an adorable little girl you have :)