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Saturday, June 2, 2012


This systematic elimination of girls is called GENDERCIDE, and it’s happening in 4 ways: through pre-natal sex selection, infanticide, abandonment, and trafficking. And it's happening every day in China.

Since the policy began, 37 million Chinese girls have been lost. That’s more than the number of people killed in all the major genocides of the past century combined.

People ask us "Why China"? I think this answers the question in 37 seconds!

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  1. I haven't watched the video yet, but I also wanted to say that there are so, so many precious boys waiting in China too! Most people don't know that (we didn't). We started the adoption process thinking there were only girls waiting in China. We learned that there are many boys waiting and that they usually wait so much longer because people don't know. People still say to us, "I thought only girls could be adopted from China." Nope, both boys and girls need families. We have 3 precious little boys from China.

    So excited that you'll be hugging your little darling soon!

    Amy P

  2. Oh Yes Amy!!! Lots of gorgeous and happy boys too!!!! I tell people that as well when I chat with prospective adoptive parents! For us though this is what led us to China. I remember sitting in my women's studies History class and learning about the total disregard of mother's rights and lack of respect of all human life. According to our guide they do abandon boys, mainly medical needs boys, but they do not murder them when they are first born like the females. I would love to adopt a boy next time! But my hubby tells me we are staying with "team pink"!

  3. Just watched the heart breaking video. Similar facts led us to China too. It's just so unthinkable! During our last trip to China we saw a man with a similar special need as one of our sons. He was dirty, almost naked, and crawling along the ground begging. My husband and I just broke down at that point. That could so easily be what would've happened to our beloved son. We just can't sit back in our lovely homes in American and do nothing (Proverbs 24:12). We all have a part. Thank you for sharing the video. Such a good reminder that there are still so many children that need a family. Praying that we all stay open to His leading in our lives!


  4. Oh, and I love "team pink!!" We refer to our clan as the Patzer Brothers!