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Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Precious Talia Girl-Forever Family Day in the US

    Well what a night! No sleeping occurred on this side of Team Talia! I was able to witness the whole miracle and it was awesome! I called Todd at 2:00 am and he said they him and the guide were chatting about her schedule and routine. I said fine when they said, "we will call you back." So my Facebook friends kept me company then by 2:35 I could not take it anymore and was so nervous to my stomach. I guess since it was the middle of the night it was such a  weird time to be so tired, excited, nervous and by all by myself. At least on the last forever family day I could pace the room with Todd! So I called back at 2:40 and said, "Just leave the Skype on! You two can chat and I will just sit here"! And that is what we did. Todd practiced the new phrases he had learned! David told him some really good Cantonese and yes I filmed that too!

   Then right at 2:48 there was a call! I could hear the guide speaking in Cantonese and then turned to Todd and said, "They are coming and are here"!  Here is the video of "the call"! Our stomachs dropped Haha! (Put my music player list on pause at the bottom of the page. Then turn the volume up!)

   Todd opened the door. The guide orchestrated a whole set up outside the door and she came walking right in! I was shocked how well the hand off was...ha! Harper came to us a complete puddle of tears and screaming at the top of her lungs for hours. Talia walked in the room like she had been there before. She walked in by herself and Todd knelt down. I was just in the background watching and trying to film with my iPhone, camcorder and camera! Basically, the crazy lady with a bunch of electronics! Todd had told me that the guide and another person would film but I didn't want to take any chances! Yes I know I have trouble giving up control! I began filming figuring I would just stay in the background until the orphanage director and nannies left. So I was quite surprised when she met Todd and then I hear someone say, "Look Mama"! The nannies were quite excited to see me on a computer screen! They were pointing and laughing! I just concentrated on my girl because the next thing I knew she was running towards me and saying, "Mama, mama!" with a huge smile! I could not believe it! She was trying to get through the screen. For starters, I thought she would be behind in language and was so amazed to hear her talking and making eye contact with me!  I put my camera down and just smiled and laughed! I won't brag ..okay maybe a little...but she loves me!!!! Ha! She could not get enough of talking to me and calling my name and seriously halfway through our 3 hour Skype session she looked at me and said, "Ai Ni Mama" And the guide kept translating for us. He was really quick at that and explained that she said, "I love you Mama". Oh be still my heart!

     Most adoptive parents are schooled to be ready for the worst and well this was the best "gotcha" I ever heard, let alone saw! Almost too good to be true and I suspect in the coming days the newness may wear off and she might grieve then for her foster family and past home. There are no words but pure joy and delight I felt for her and I didn't want to cry because I was afraid that would upset her. Really when I looked at her I just said "Thank you God"! Todd kept saying "She is awesome and a total miracle girl! Absolutely precious"! He was instantly fond of her and she was of him too. All our prayers were answered.

    Now to the harder part, in an institutionalized setting and even foster care the rule is the child will be delayed physically, emotionally and developmentally by 1 month for every 3 months they are in a family that is not stable, meaning not their forever family! Also you have to take into account that Talia was born premature so she would be behind a good three months even if she were not in an institutionalized setting.  We expected her to be acting like a 24 month old and quite possibly even younger. Her body is built more like a 12 month old. I don't think she can weigh more then 18 lbs.! I should have packed 6-12 month clothing not 18-24 months! I actually did pack a few smaller outfits but that even looked big on her! The guide was not too happy with my choices and in China they are very direct with their wording! ha! he was displeased that I only packed one sweater, one rain jacket and one hoodie. He said she needs more long sleeves...mind you it feels like 102 over there now! He also was telling Todd the room is too cold and the water for her bath was too hot! He definitely is picky but a very nice guy! When I told him we had safety pins for her outfit he said, "No"! He said Todd and him will go to Walmart again today. Of course I had the cutest outfit for Talia that someone made for me...a gorgeous dress and I wanted all these pretty pictures in it. When I got the dress in it  looked very small but on here it was huge! That is okay she still looked beautiful! She is just so sweet and her giggle is contagious! She has a rash all over her body the guide says it is a heat rash but I disagree. I saw that rash in her referral pictures from 18 months ago. The guide told us that baby powder would make it go away. I told him we don't use it and that I have nice Aveeno cream that will help the eczema which I suspect the rash may be. He said., "No we need the powder it is tropical here and it will keep her dry!" In the meantime I was sending Todd an e-mail message saying, "Just buy the powder to make him happy then wash it off her when he leaves!" It is very hard because you do not want to insult the guide but we definitely know what is best for babies and it is not always the China way! LOL!
     Right when I was about to say I need some sleep. It was then 5:00 am my time. I told Todd to look in her mouth for any obvious decay. As you all are aware we just had a huge bill for Harper's dental work and the poor girl needed 11 cavities filled, 3 root canals and 3 crowns! Dental decay is another common problem with adopted children since they are given the bottle at night and put to bed with it, or as our dentist told us, poor prenatal care. Todd peered in and she opened her mouth really wide! She is such a trooper and really listens well. Harper can take a few lessons from her about listening! All I hear is Todd say, "Oh no what is that?" great now I am wide awake again and say, "What?" then the guide looks in and says, 'What is that?" ha! So they both look bewildered and then I say to Todd, "Are they ulcers?" and Todd says, "No I never saw this before"! Oh great! What a description. So the guide immediately gets on the phone with the orphanage Director to ask about her strange tongue. After a few minutes the guide says, "She needs to eat more greens and tomatoes!" Todd says well what does she have"? And the guide says, "It doesn't hurt". Todd asked again and so did I and he said a Vitamin B deficiency but that she is not in pain. Of course my number one question in my head was how do you know that? I know when I have ulcers I am in pain. I am guessing she had these for awhile and has learned to live with the annoyance. We even asked the orphanage director if she had recently had any medical problems and they responded, "No". I guess they figured this did not count! I have to wonder if she is really getting a bottle twice a day and formula as it states in her schedule. She is very thin and I had Todd read the formula ingredients to me and there was a ton of Vitamin B in it! So not really sure but I guess will get the full answer when she comes home and gets all her blood work. She is drinking a ton...I mean a ton! I kept telling the guide and Todd to give her more. They don't really push liquids in China for the little kids except in their soup so the guide really neglected what I kept saying! But hey that is just China! They are very direct and on top of things! Todd says he is really happy with David, the guide, though. He said it is like having me in I guess I really know what I am like!

   As for my Harper bug she woke up about 30 minutes into the phone call screaming over something so I went in her room and asked if she wanted to see Talia. She got right up and made her way to my bedroom! Oh it was the cutest thing ever...two little girls from separate provinces of China destined to be sisters! My own little family! I never had a sister-two best friends that were like sisters-but no sister to share and laugh with everyday! I am more then ecstatic for two little girls in my home! I even get excited thinking of their teenage years when they get all each others nerves but I know on their wedding days they will want to be their sister's Maid of Honor! What a blessing for them to have each other and to go through all their medical issues, and life disappointments and highs together!
    Talia was very vibrant and as soon as she saw Harper she said, "Jie Jie" which means "Big Sister". Harper was just staring at her sort of in a sleepy disbelief  state then we told Harper to say, "Hi Mei Mei" which means "Little Sister". After a few minutes Harper was very curious with her and Talia had a huge smile on her face. We do know that Talia had several foster sisters so she is use to sharing the attention with other children. It will be Harper that has the hard time!

    Todd made a lot of progress with Talia and was even able to undress her and give her a bath. She loves the water and was splashing away. She was not scared of anything! As I looked at her little body I was overcome with emotion thinking of all the caregivers she has had, all the procedures she had so very young and how she almost died from Cardiac arrest and a bad drug interaction. I mean really it was through the grace of God she survived. I was just in awe of her mighty spirit and so thankful God placed her in our arms safely.

     I also was overcome with emotion just thinking about how many people helped there be one less orphan in the world! Thank you! You helped save an innocent child's life and destiny. This little girl, our newest daughter, needed a family that would love and care  for her and thanks to your generosity we can be her forever family!

   Here are some photos via my computer (not the best quality but you can still see her pretty face and some videos of her personality). Hopefully that holds you all over until I hear from Todd and get some good pictures!

Harper getting ready to see her Lil Sis

Daddy is holding another baby! She is really thirsty!

What a love!

Such a happy little girl!

Awh my hubby and my 2nd daughter! I am in love!

Mama do you want some?

Todd signing the adoption papers!!!

Meeting mommy for the first time!!! Oh she melted my heart!!! (put my music player on pause to hear Talia)

Her first giggles

One proud Papa! 

She loved the bubbles and said "many"!

She loves playing with balls! I figured as much since we always received 
pictures of her playing with them. So cute!

Harper was even giggling!

Big Sis "Jei Jei" & LiL Sis "Mei Mei" 1st Meeting

Daddy dressing Talia for the first time

I have another princess in the house! She is so clever!

Oh and on a side not she already said her first American word, "Hello"!  Apparently she loves to mimic too! 


  1. Congrats! How wonderful for your family!

  2. She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to your family!!

  3. These are WONDERFUL video's. I kept getting all choked up watching them. Congratulations, Mary Jane, Todd and Harper on the new addition to your Wonderful family!!


  4. Oh wow........tears of happiness streaming for you. She is absolutely adorable. What a blessing. *hugs* Annette

  5. She's beautiful, what a wonderful gotcha day! Congratulations, and prayers for a quick safe return home to Todd and Talia!

  6. PRECIOUS!!!! What a beauty. Congrats!!!


  7. how awesome !! isnt technology amazing !! and that she recognized you and spoke to you !! you have this to cherish always !!

  8. Oh goodness!!! I have happy tears for you guys!!!God is so good!!! I am so thankful that I was able to watch your journey! Can't wait to see her in your arms as well!! Many blessings to you!!

  9. This made me cry! I have been waiting all day to see pictures and to see video was just icing on the cake! I could not be happier for you guys!!

  10. Oh Mary Jane....she is just such a precious, beautiful little soul! You must be going crazy wanting to reach into the screen and scoop her up. And when she says "Mama".....awwww. it doesn't get any better than that. ;o)

  11. This was simply too precious for words! CONGRATS on your beautiful new addition ~ she is PERFECT!! I know it has to be so surreal experiencing all this via SKYPE ~ but SO happy that you have the technology to do so!

    CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Talia Day!! ♥ God is good!!!!!!


  12. Mary Jane, this is simply amazing. She is absolutely priceless, and I am so so happy for all four of you! Praying. and so excited! xoxoxo

  13. Oh my....what a precious one!!!! I bet you are dying to hold her. Praise God that all is going well! Congratulations!!!

    Love and blessings,

  14. Just beyond amazing!!! Thank you for sharing all of this with everyone!! You must be so anxious to hold your new baby girl. She is just beautiful.

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  16. Congratulations she is adorable just like her big sister! What a wonderful family you have!

  17. Congratulation MJ and Todd on your new addition!! She is so precious - what a personality! So happy for you guys.

  18. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!

    She is so cute, and what a way to meet your little girl! Thank you Skype :-)!

    About her tongue (my guess): We saw the same thing with our oldest daughter (from Guangdong). The docter confirmed that it was a so called 'geographic tongue'. It looks worse than it actually is.
    This is a link:

    Our daughter still shows signs once in a while, with zero complaints.
    Maybe that is what is going on with Talia's tongue.

    Well, I'll keep following your story, what a joy!

    Debbie (from The Netherlands, mom of two Guangdong-girls)

  19. Congratulations!!! She is beautiful, both of your girls are :) As the oldest sister of three girls, I love them to pieces ;) The one sister who is married. . .us other two shared the MOH duties and I can't wait to do the same for them when I'm married. So glad they will have each other :)
    Loved hearing them both giggling. What a beautiful sound in your home. . .I'm sure it was worth the wait.
    Enjoy your new addition :)

  20. Congratulations Mary Jane, Todd and Harper! Talia is a adorable! High five to Todd, he is a awesome Dad. Karen and Chloe head to China on 6/14, so we're looking forward to having Chloe and Joy with Harper and Talia soon! Safe travels and MJ please call us if you need anything!

  21. Todd
    I praise you on your commitment to travel around the world to bring home your precious Talia. As I read your blog I am reminded what a caring, thoughtful, compassionate person you are, all the qualities we saw in you when MJ first brought you to our home are manifested in you today. As Nannie is in Charlotte helping on your home front with MJ and Harper, I am in PA waiting for Tuesday to travel to Charlotte to await your return. I can think of that sweet little girl being with you as you shower her with care,love and patience. Talia is one fortunate child who will have a lifetime of happiness with her forever family MJ and Harper because of your strong faith and the belief in doing good. We are truly blessed to have a (SON) son in law as wonderful as you. Thank you for all you do for our daughter and your family. God Bless and keep you safe. See you in Charlotte. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO YOU AND TO OUR TWO PRECIOUS GRANDDAUGHTERS, for you truly deserve the title WORLD'S GREATEST FATHER.
    Love Poppy & Nannie