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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Sparrow Fund and Kenyan Jewelry Fundraiser

This fundraiser is now closed! Thank you all so much. We raised money for the women of Kenya and for Talia! Should you want to purchase more jewelry please visit the Sparrow Fund's Etsy Shop.

The Sparrow Fund ( is an amazing and compassionate organization that helps couples just starting the adoption process with grants for medical reviews. Their most recent venture is to help fundraising families while helping women in Kenya adopting children as well.

Their motto: ONE MORE child with a forever family and ONE LESS orphan in the world.

We are so lucky to partner with this organization and this week every item that sells on my blog, Talia's fund gets 50% of the amount. I will only have this listed until Thursday, May 10th so if you would like to purchase please e-mail me at with the item or items you want and I will then give you options on how to pay. We are still working towards our matching Brittany's Hope grant where you will receive a tax deductible receipt You can also leave a comment with your e-mail address and order should you choose instead of e-mailing me.

The super lightweight bags are perfect for the beach, pool and any summer excursion! And the jewelry -- well the pictures speak for themselves...beautiful and fun! Plus how cool is that it benefits women in Kenya as well as Talia?! These are perfect gifts for Mother's Day, friend's birthday, end of school year gifts or a treat for yourself this summer. They even come with a little card about how the item was made.  Let me know if you have any questions! Sorry no returns as each item is handmade.

Price List
Earrings: $6
Bracelets: $15
Necklaces: $15
3 piece sets: Necklace, bracelet and earrings: $36
2 piece set: Necklace and earrings: $21
Bags: $20
Shipping and handling is additional : $2.50 for total up to $18
                                                          $3.50 for total up to $49
                                                          $5.50 for any amount beyond $50

The beads seen in the jewelry were created by refugee women currently living in Kenya, women broken from war and HIV, caring for orphans in their community, but made whole together. The individual hand-rolled paper beads made from recycled magazine and calendar pages and take approximately 15 minutes each to roll and varnish to make a unique bead that no one believes started as paper. The varnish makes them durable and water resistant. However, keep them away from water as much as you can, and they will stay in perfect condition for a long, long time.

Your purchase not only gives you a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry, you can wear it with joy knowing that the total proceeds from your purchase supports Talia and women like, Mary, mentioned below.

Pictures will be labeled with numbers! Just e-mail me with which number or numbers you would like to purchase! Remember every piece is unique, one of a kind and special just like each child that waits for a family. I will put the word "sold" for things that have already been purchased! 

Wrap Bracelets-$15 each

Piece #1-SOLD
Piece #2
Piece #3
Piece #4-SOLD
Piece #5-SOLD
Piece #6-SOLD
Earrings-$6 each
Piece #7
Piece #8
Piece #9
Piece #10
Piece #11
Piece #12
Piece #13
Necklaces-$15 each
Piece $14
Piece #15
2 piece sets (earrings and necklace: $21 a set (I can break up a set)

Piece #16-SOLD
Piece #17-SOLD
3 piece sets (earrings and necklace: $36 a set (I can break up a set)
Piece #18-SOLD
Piece #19-SOLD-earrings still available
Piece #20
Bags: $20 each
Bag #1

Bag #2-SOLD

Bag #3-SOLD

Bag #4

Bag #5

Bag #6-SOLD

Bag #7

Bag #8

Bag #9

Bag #10

And just to see the size of a few of the big bags here is my cutie pie model, Harper Lily!

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