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Monday, April 30, 2012

Delicate Fortress Fundraiser-just 48 hrs. left!

This party fundraiser has ended!

Since I am a facts girl here are my Delicate Fortress Fundraiser totals:
Artisan groups helped: 12
Number of countries artisans live: 9
Number of states your orders came from: 6
Total amount after the Brittany's Hope grant match: $305!

Thank you everyone! You not only helped Talia but women all around the world that live in extreme poverty! This was a great fundraiser party and if anyone is interested in running one for your organization I would be more then happy to put you in touch with Delicate Fortress! She books out far so plan ahead!

We have been so fortunate to partner with Delicate Fortress this past week.  The party ends Tuesday night, May 1st (Talia's birthday!) 

The best part about this fundraiser, besides all the cool fair trade products, is that it benefits other families throughout the world. Your purchase not only brings Talia home, but saves the life of mothers and children in third world countries. 

We are so close to finalizing all the paperwork and with Talia's heart and blood disorder we don't want her to wait a minute longer for good health care and a forever family. Delicate Fortress sells pajamas, kids items, jewelry and home goods all made by artisans who have escaped human trafficking, slavery and extreme poverty. They would be perfect gifts for Mother's Day, a special friend's birthday, hostess gift or yourself. Help fight for these women, their children and Talia today! Their jewelry and children's backpacks are their top sellers! 

Enter code "Talia" at checkout! View all their great products here:
30% of all sales will go to our matching Brittany's Hope fund so every $1 and every purchase will get matched...whohoo!

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  1. Hi! Its Kristin at tryingtocontrolthechaos blog. I'm sorry, but I don't know a better way to contact you. Absolutely you can post the link to the adoption conversation video. I think it will cause the people in the adoption community to chuckle and the people who might not know some of the things they say are inappropriate to be educated. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Congratulations on your newest addition!