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Thursday, April 5, 2012

LOA wait, again! What?

     Yes you heard me right we are waiting for our beloved LOA (Letter of Acceptance) once again! I guess China thought 101 days was not long enough to wait for our LOA! I think my adoptive friends thought I was playing a cruel April Fool's Day joke when I told them the news!  It seems the Chinese government liked Todd's last name better without the "u"!

....and 2nd mistake we forgot to check the box that "We accept" which we just noticed on our copy tonight!

        My agency caught the typo mistake today before it got sent back to China.  They explained that although this will delay us it is much better to catch this now then when we are waiting for Travel Approval (TA).  So they put a positive spin on this mistake...ha! At this point I might as well too!  This wait to Talia has been beyond long and we are tired, delirious and going a bit loco! (Just ask my parents who have been down here visiting us for the past couple of weeks) We just want to hold our little girl and give those sweet cheeks some much needed kisses! 

So when will the new LOA come? That is the million dollar question. They said it would get reissued next week but we all know China and their time frames. Please pray that this does get expedited and handled immediately!


  1. Thank you for being an inspiration to us! My husband and I are just beginning our adoption from Haiti, and it's great to hear testimonies of those who have done it and are doing it again! It keeps us motivated and encouraged on days when its hard!

  2. Mary Jane PostiglioneMay 6, 2012 at 9:12 PM

    Hi Angel, I am so happy to be a "small" part of a much needed boost some days! The wait is tough and not for the weary, right?! Your child will come I know some days it does not feel like it n but it will happen. We have been in the long line for every step this adoption and I just think God had to work on opening up her little heart and mind before we were able to meet her! Trust me Your child will be in your home at His most perfect timing! Do you already have a referral for a child?