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Thursday, April 11, 2013

She is in the OR

Thank you for storming the gates of heaven today for Harper's happy heart day!

We ended up being on a little delayed for surgery. Harper was getting anxious and just when I thought she would ask for something to eat they called us back. She was not too happy to change out of her pretty clothes into a hospital gown! I told you this baby girl is a princess! Ha! She has really been wanting her daddy so when it came time to wipe her down with the big antibacterial wipes daddy did the honors. The nurses could hear her down the whole yelling that she didn't like the smell or feel of the wipes! She is so funny!

The room quickly became filled with nurses, anesthesiologists, life name it they came it to talk to us. They ask if you have questions but seriously all I could think of was wishing I was taking my daughter to preschool today instead of sending her off to open heart surgery. They gave Harper some meds and well they didn't do much. She was not going down without a fight and that is what happened next! The nurses were like, "Hmm usually this doesn't happen!" Harper wanted her daddy to hold her but she was throwing a fit and out of it from the meds. Finally they let my parents come in to kiss her and then we got to say our goodbye's. Todd held her while she screamed and kicked! We gave her sweet kisses on her head and I begged with Jesus to bring her back to me. The anesthesiologist nurse then took her and carried her sweetly away.

We then met with the surgeon. This whole experience the past 48 hrs. has just been surreal. All this planning, praying and prepping. It is hard to believe this is it. This is what we have been preparing our minds and hearts for. I just know she is excellent hands. We told the surgeon that He is the most prayed for person in the world today! He told us how he will fix the ASD and repair it with Harper's own heart tissue. It seems her pulmonary valve is misformed so he will do one of three things. The most invasive will be cutting it in half then taking donor tissue and patching it over that valve. They are going to give her a pacemaker wire should she need a pacemaker temporarily but I am praying she does not.

On a great note...It seems Harper's feistiness paid off they told us that she needed a private room! Amen. They reserve them in the intensive care for the children that might disturb others! I am so blessed to have one well spirited child!

We just got an update that Harper is deeply under and going on the heart and lung bypass machine. This is the part that scares me terribly. Please storm the gates of heaven that her heart starts back up without missing one beat! The great physician is in charge! I know God is holding her in the palm of His hand right now.

Deuteronomy 31:6  Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”


  1. I hate watching the doctors take your baby away--even if you know it has to be done. It's still really hard. Helping to storm the gates of heaven with you right now!!

  2. Praying for his miss Harper! I am surprised they didn't check her in the night before. When our son had his surgerye, they did all the blood work, x-rays, and then gave him a really nice sponge bath and washed him with anti-bacterial soap.