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Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Madness Fundraisers!

   It's time for some new spring and summer entertaining items!  Or maybe a new grill item for Father's Day or a new bag for Mother's Day? You can shop for at Pampered Chef and Thirty-One this month and 20% of all orders goes to Talia's Brittany's Hope Grant where the money gets doubled! How cool is that? Three ways to be a part of the March Madness. 
Both of the online events close on Monday, March 26th. 

    Feeling extra motivated and want to run a catalog party for Talia? You could also qualify for free or discounted products.  Just let me know and I can send some catalogs your way this month for the office or a group of friends!  

1. Pampered Chef-I know many of you have been waiting for this party! The Charlotte friends will be getting an invite to this event. Check out all the grill items-perfect gifts for the men for Father's Day! My favorite picks include: their bakers and bamboo collection! Anyone can order via this link. Just copy and paste it into your browser.

2. Thirty-One-So many new patterns just released for the spring! I love their lunch bags and thermal totes! Perfect for days out, road trips, baseball and soccer games, or carrying dinner items to a friend's house! Harper uses the little thermal tote we received as a gift for doctors visits or b-day parties when she has to carry her own milk free desserts! This month's special for every $31 you spend you can order the the mini utility bin for $8-a savings on $12! There is no limit on the number of customer specials. So $62 in purchases qualifies for 2 customer specials specials, $93 qualifies for 3, etc.! It makes a cute mail organizer at the bottom of the steps, tote for baby or bridal shower gifts, holder for remotes, garden tools, etc. Another favorite item is their customized stationary showcasing your family...adorable! 
You can place your order here:  
Click on my "events" and then Postiglione/Youngerman fundraiser. Then click on shop now

3. We have been given a $3000 matching grant via Brittany's Hope! Basically what that means is we raise $1500 and they match $1500!  The money is then given directly to our agency, which in turn, reduces our agency fees. Don't need any gifts or new items but want to donate for a tax free donation? You can donate online at:

Or you can send a check made Paypal to: "Brittany's Hope Foundation"
Their address:
Brittany's Hope Foundation
1160 North Market Street
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
In the memo line write: Youngerman/Postiglione adoption and send a note with it saying this is for the Youngerman/Postiglione adoption grant. Your will receive a letter in the mail confirming your taxable donation. 

     We are estimating another 3-4 months before all our paperwork is finished and we get the "okay" to travel. This has been an incredibly hard wait and by the time she is in our arms we will have had her file for over year:( Please continue to keep Talia in your thoughts and prayers! Little Harper keeps asking where she is and in her little demanding voice says, "Talia home now, mommy, now!" 

    We thank you for your generosity and kindness. Each donation and every order, no matter the amount, does add up and gets us closer to our daughter.  Please e-mail me with any questions or product details and help spread the word! I would love to knock our goals for each fundraiser out of the park! 

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