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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Xiaoyun's 1st Surgery Update & Card Request

     If you scroll down my blog you will see a post and a You Tube video about Xiaoyun. She was adopted last spring from China right before she was about to age out of the system and suffers from severe scoliosis. If you haven't looked at the video go watch it. She will melt your heart! Xiaoyun is in the hospital now and is recovering from  her 1st surgery. Would you be so kind to add her to your prayer list this month and possibly have your children even send her a card? Let's try our hardest to brighten up her life right now as she is in immense pain. We can also learn a thing or two about life from Xiaoyun in giving all our physical pain and emotional worries to God!

     Below is the e-mail from her mother that she sent out on an adoption board that I frequent.
     Xiaoyun's first surgery went well. They were able to place the halo under general anesthesia, and it went very quickly. Unfortunately, nausea has been a problem since she got into her room and both nausea meds they've given her have proven somewhat unsuccessful. They had to start giving her some fluids via IV and right now she's sleeping peacefully. They have started her out with 5 pounds of traction and will increase a pound every few hours. The goal is 10 - 12 pounds. A major praise is that Xiaoyun gave her life to the Lord last night!!!!! She also told us she wasn't scared because she knew God was taking care of her, people were praying for her, and Baba and Mama would be right here with her.We are at the beginning of a long six week hospital stay. The goal is 4 surgeries to happen during that time. The second surgery will be to remove ribs that have grown up into her spine and to insert temporary rods. They think that may take place next Wednesday. Xiaoyun's curvature is 150* and her lung function is only 33% so every surgery carries a great deal of risk. They do hope to bring her curvature down to 80* and give the lungs room to expand. We thank each of you for your prayers and concern! 

This is the address to send cards to:  

 Evelyn (Xiaoyun) Willoughby
c/o Kosairs Children's Hospital

231 E. Chestnut St.
Louisville, KY 40202

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