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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas From Our Home to Yours

May your house be blessed with the spirit of Christmas all year long!

It was a great Christmas and I tried my best to keep my joy levels up but really wished Talia was home with us now.  Although my heart was here with Harper, my mind was with Talia. I know every adoptive parent that has a child waiting for them in China feels the same way.

Harper had a wonderful day and we can not wait until next year to have our house filled with even more laughter, love and chaos!  Here are my top five favorite moments from the past few days!

Baking cookies for Santa!
We actually found a gingerbread cookie that Harper can eat. She has a milk allergy so she was excited to have some cookies that her and Santa can enjoy! She is very meticulous. After she put the dough in each holder she would exclaim, "Perfect"!

Dance Party on Christmas Eve!
After our traditional Chinese food Christmas Eve meal we got comfortable and had a dance party with Harper's Music Together CD. It showcases music from different countries.  She loved playing with the instruments and having mommy and daddy dance beside her! As you can tell she is quite the dancing queen!

My Beautiful Princess
Harper loves to play with my make-up and always wants to get ready with me! She now has her own special collection and table:) A little girl that had nothing now has a lifetime full of make believe and make-up! A dream come true for our little princess.

Celebrating with Family
My parents live a few states away so it is always a treat for Harper when the grandparents come to visit especially because they shower her with gifts! What little girl wouldn't love that?! She was so excited for Christmas Day because she knew they would be flying in the sky just like Tinkerbell! The smile on her face when she saw them just brightened our whole day.

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus
Harper enjoyed baking a birthday cake for Jesus and singing to him to honor his birthday! Pardon our beautiful (ha!) voices...ha!

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